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Parked Cars

Auto Driveaway 

PORT,  Driveway  specializes in moving Front Line Ready Vehicles from the Auction Houses to Dealers and vice versa. We  extend these services to individuals needing their Vehicles Transported as well as businesses. 

White Minibuses

With rental cars in short supply we have now partnered with Turo Host to facilitate Peer to Peer Rentals. If your an Investor looking to Host Your Vehicle on our platform contact us today 

Drive Away Relocation Services for Classes  A to C  Commercial Trucks & RV  Powered by  Professionally Insured CDL  Contractors staffed nationwide. 

Driving Service

Drivers are needed for industries more now than ever and we want to offer On Demand Driver staffing to any industry needing Vehicles Delivered. 


Call for Consultation


Auto Driveaway 

Vehicle Storage

Auto Driveaway Rates vary per Vehicle, we offer Flat Rates for runs inside the Metroplex.

Runs outside of the Metroplex are Rated Per Mile

Call us for an Instant Quote   

We offer Daily, Weekly and Monthly Storage for  your Vehicles for as Low as $9.99 

Call us to discuss Fleet and Monthly Parking Rates  

We offer Rental Services for a  Passenger Vehicles.  Vehicle's are Equipped with GPS, Wifi and Xm Radio and Can be booked online  via Turo  for as low as $45 a Day 

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